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At the farmer's market in Jackson
every Saturday in 2015


The only way to eat is chemical-free. That takes a traditional farm with lots of tender loving care. Farmer Don cultivates the land with knowledge and hard work. Quality food, quality life. Eat well and enjoy.


Starting from seed to prepare for the great outdoors.

The land

Worked with traditional tools and a single tractor.

Farmer Don

In his recognizable red shirt, overalls, and hat.


A little bit about the farm in Collins, Mississippi.

  • The early years

    Farmer Don Grows Up

    Farmer Don Chisnell grew up in the western mountains of Pennsylvania. In certain areas communities of the Brethern denomination worshipped and worked together. Farmer Don started to tend the family garden at age eight. The residents of Farmington grew large gardens out of necessity because of large families and religious convictions. Farming brought in a small amount of cash but the garden fed the family.

  • 1992

    Collins, MS

    For the last 21 years Farmer Don has been living in Mississippi and is farming in Collins. He is currently tilling the soil as a Certified Naturally grown vegetable grower. In 2015 he will be growing 6-8 acres of produce for market.

  • 2014

    Certified Chemical Free

    Farmer Don learned to grow vegetables from the older members of his family who had farmed the land since the 1790’s. There was no need for fertilizer because the old folks used sustainable farming practices. Green manure and compost supplied the energy the plants needed. That was the basis for a lifetime of gardening experience for Farmer Don. He has grown chemical free for many years, but in 2014 became certified with the state of Mississippi.

  • 2015

    Quality Food for You

    Farmer Don sells to grocery stores, restaurants, and on Saturday he can be found in Jackson at the Mississippi State Farmer’s Market off High street. He also donates a substantial portion of his crop to Edward Street Ministries in Hattiesburg, MS. He also offers community supported agriculture shares in his crop which gives the public a chance to buy produce at a huge savings.

    At the farmer's market with loads of product every Saturday in 2015

  • Eat Well

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